Quality of Life with Barry Albin OBE

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Barry Albin

Barry Albin OBE is the owner and Chairman of FA Albin & Sons, the world renowned Funeral Director and Undertakers with whom he’s been for over 45 years, since he was 13! He’s the author of several books and starred in the TV series Don’t Drop The Coffin and is, perhaps most importantly, a highly respected member of the Bermondsey community in South London.

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Making Your Life Yours

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Christine Hassler, author of the book Twenty-Something Twenty-Everything, is a great example of someone who addressed what was not working in her life and set out to sort it out. She’s faced challenges and crises which have changed her approach to dealing with her own and others’ expectations for life and enjoying it.

Inspiring Direction with Sean Mathias

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Sean Mathias’s success in getting others to deliver the best possible performance has resulted in numerous awards for his role as a theatre and artistic director around the world. In this Regally Graceful™ Teleseminar we will explore how to take a creative vision and find direction within it, and then to follow through with inspiring others to join us on that journey.