Crowning Glory with Alison Mortlock, Founder of Dilly Daydream

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Dilly Daydream Shower Cap

Alison Mortlock began experimenting with making showercaps as a creative time-out from raising her three small children. When she discovered the demand for her stylish product she realised the opportunity to regain her identity as a professional women without the guilt of having to leave her children in daycare.

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Building Wonderful Foundations

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Sandi Rhys-Jones OBE is a passionate advocate for the construction and engineering industry, in particular the role of women therein, and feminine ones at that. With over thirty years experience in strategic marketing and management in the consultancy she co-founded with her husband, she brings a most common sense approach to what we all need to found our own lives on.

Wearing Responsibly

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Kath Whitworh, runs the award winning Celtic Sheepskin with her husband Nick. The Celtic Sheepskin Co began in the mid 1970′s as the original Ugg Co, making Ugg Boots and assorted leather goods. Since then, the company has steadily expanded to become one of the largest suppliers of sheepskin footwear and clothing in the UK and has been trading on-line for over a decade with customers from all around the globe. Celtic Sheepskin is an excellent example of how it is possible to produce excellent products, at reasonable prices, with a clear conscience.

Preparing for Change

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Nadia Narain, a highly successful international yoga teacher, runs the Pregnancy Teacher Training Programme at Triyoga, London’s premier yoga centre. Her expertise in preparing women for pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood has led many to enjoy the changes in their bodies as they get ready for the new role that they are taking on. She encourages people to become strong and build their self-confidence so that they feel secure and calm.

Beauty In Your Hands

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Linda Bloomfield is a potter who makes and sells the most beautiful porcelain tableware. She has fused Oriental influences and the Western tradion of pottery to create items which are not only aesthetically pleasing to both the oriental and western eye but are also functional and a joy to use daily. Her love for her craft sings through her work and brings joy not just to her as she makes it but to all who subsequently have the pleasure to use it.