The Sweetness of Life

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Bees, beekeeping and honey are the backdrop to our lives appearing in literature from Virgil, who used them as an analogy to society, to Winnie-the-Pooh.  Around the world, they work together tirelessly and selflessly to produce sweetness for the good of their colony.  Along the way they fertilise crops resulting in 1/3 of the world’s food.  Tony Maggs invites us to peak into this fascinating world and shares his secret for producing what is without a doubt the best jar of honey I’ve ever eaten…

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The Conscious Whey

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Randolph Hodgson is the owner of the award winning Neal’s Yard Dairy, champion of British Farmhouse Cheeses, and one of the pioneers in rejuvenating Borough Market. For almost 30 years Randolph has been at the forefront of changing how we appreciate the way our food is made and sold, and producing a culture of excellence by involving both the customer and the producer. He leads the way with his passion for quality, his dedication to raising the whole calibre of the food chain not only in the taste, but also in our responsibility for our agriculture and countryside, and his outstanding and inclusive approach to retailing.

Slow Food and Eating Well

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Lyndon Gee, a leading food influencer with 20 years in the food world, an active food campaigner and writer, shares with us the essentials of Slow Food and how to incorporate it into our daily lives. Lyndon shares his passion for improving people’s lives through improving their attitude to the food they eat.