A Victorious Woman

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Prem Sri Kaur

What are your worries?  How do they affect your daily experience of life?  A true warrior is not one who retaliates but one who conquers her inner worrying nature and who has the strength to find stillness in difficult situations.

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The Sharing Evolution

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David Erdal leads the way in inspiring companies to belong to their employees. Sharing responsibility and ownership allows people to work together for the common good rather than one working for the other for the better benefit of one and the survival of the other. David, author of Local Heroes, which tracks the journey of a Scottish seafood company now owned by its employees, is passionate people breaking out of the Us v Them mentality and offers very pracitcal solutions for doing so.

Making Your Life Yours

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Christine Hassler, author of the book Twenty-Something Twenty-Everything, is a great example of someone who addressed what was not working in her life and set out to sort it out. She’s faced challenges and crises which have changed her approach to dealing with her own and others’ expectations for life and enjoying it.

Inspiring Direction with Sean Mathias

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Sean Mathias’s success in getting others to deliver the best possible performance has resulted in numerous awards for his role as a theatre and artistic director around the world. In this Regally Graceful™ Teleseminar we will explore how to take a creative vision and find direction within it, and then to follow through with inspiring others to join us on that journey.

Slow Food and Eating Well

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Lyndon Gee, a leading food influencer with 20 years in the food world, an active food campaigner and writer, shares with us the essentials of Slow Food and how to incorporate it into our daily lives. Lyndon shares his passion for improving people’s lives through improving their attitude to the food they eat.