About Regally Graceful

Regally Graceful™ was founded by Guru Kaur and Hari Karam Singh as an outlet to teach the common wisdom of antiquity which has been so important to the success and happiness of their lives. These teachings are full of practical, common-sense advice which is, sadly, no longer so common.

About the Podcasts

Regally Graceful Podcasts are a series of entertaining and informative dial-in phone call and podcast interviews that address the common issues of our daily lives with a spiritual perspective, a practical outlook and professional experience. The inspiring guests are chosen for the value of what they have to share through their insights into better solutions to traditional challenges.

About the Host

Guru Kaur

Guru Kaur embodies spiritual values, a professional background and an English upbringing. She is renowned for giving very straight talking guidance in highly practical terms giving people unique insight into their challenges through which they can make decisions that avoid repeating mistakes of the past. She is equally well versed in the issues surrounding big businesses as she is in those of daily personal life and serves to remove the divide between the two. She is a leading Kundalini Yoga teacher, a Sikh Minister, and trained as a Chartered Accountant before working in Banking and then running her own business as a clothing designer. For more information please visit www.gurukaur.com

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Yoga and Meditation

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Private Telephone Consultations

It is Guru Kaur’s minimum requirement for any woman wanting private telephone consultations to have first enrolled and completed the Be the Woman You were Born to Be Onlne Course.  Taking the course will give you the foundations so that you will get the most benefit from any subsequent consultation with her.

For more information please visit Be the Woman You were Born to Be web site.