Community Service with Simon Hughes MP

Why It's a Privilege To Serve, Conflict Resolution, The Power of Listening and The Common Unity Which Holds All Communities Together

What is the duty of a representative of a community? How do we resolve situations where interests collide? What is the role of transparency, checks and balances and how do we incorporate inclusiveness together with diversity?  What is the common unity that holds a community together? These important questions underlie all of the other issues we face in modern society.

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On this episode we speak with Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat MP who for over 25 years has represented the people of the Central London district of N. Southwark and Bermondsey in the House of Commons.

Simon has a long standing track record of integrity and effectiveness in serving this culturally and economically diverse and traditionally Labour-supporting constituency. Come listen, learn and be inspired to be better a member of your own communities.

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