Personalising Your Life

When Each Part Of The Creative Process Honours the Step Before, Happiness Is Abundant

Chrissie Sherwood of photographed by Nick Fleming

Chrissie Sherwood of photographed by Nick Fleming

Chrissie Sherwood set up, which sells beautiful handmade buttons made by a women’s co-operative in South Africa, because she was so inspired to create a way by which we can all benefit from their creativity and in so doing they can create better lives for themselves.  It’s not just that her business is a great example of creative living; she’s creative too, not least in how she works from home.  Chrissie is doing much more than saving the world one button at a time, she’s giving back and receiving infinitely as a result.

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A treasure trove of creativity and inspiration

Injabulo's Incomparable Buttons inspire to create not just your own ideas but also the lives' of others

Injabulo, the Zulu word for happiness, is one of those treasure troves of inspiration for any creative project.  Each of the buttons exudes not only the love with which it was handmade but also a thousand possibilities for you to personalise your home, your clothing, accessories and creative projects. Pride in creating something gives us a richness of living.

Guru Kaur's Painting Bag Being Admired By Millie-Pup

It just seemed so obvious to put the little birds along the branches and to use big flower buttons to attach the hessian straps with

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