Quality of Life with Barry Albin OBE

Your Journey In Death Is A Reflection Of How You Love Your Life Every Day

Barry Albin OBE is the owner and Chairman of FA Albin & Sons, the world renowned Funeral Director and Undertakers with whom he’s been for over 45 years, since he was 13! He’s the author of several books and starred in the TV series Don’t Drop The Coffin and is, perhaps most importantly, a highly respected member of the Bermondsey community in South London.

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More about FA Albin & Son and Barry: http://www.albins.co.uk

Albins have been in the business of burying the dead for over 200 years and have built up an international and local reputation based on their professionalism and dignity. In November 2010 Barry was awarded an OBE by the Queen for his many years of work repatriating all service personnel who have died serving their country all over the world but predominately in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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