Living The Creative Life

Women's Lives and Working Together To Nurture Creative Output

Katrina Burnett, playwright and doyenne of Finchcocks, the Musical Museum in Kent, has touched many through the different chapters of her life in teaching, touring and through opening Finchcocks as a historic house. Her love of life shines through to touch us all.

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“I think everyone’s life is a strange mixture of dream and reality, imagination and day to day affairs. Each stage of my life seems to have led to the next one in its own way, although it would have proved more difficult to live with had I lingered longer.”

Be inspired by how Katrina and her husband have worked together to support each other’s creative output both individually and how their families nurtured and encouraged their creativity. Katrina’s writing has also involved much research into the lives of women through the ages and we will consider how a woman’s lot has evolved into the present day experience we have.

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