Slow Food and Eating Well

Being Aware That What And How You Eat Affects You And The Planet Changes Your Priorities In Life

Lyndon Gee, a leading food influencer with 20 years in the food world, an active food campaigner and writer, shares with us the essentials of Slow Food and how to incorporate it into our daily lives. Lyndon shares his passion for improving people’s lives through improving their attitude to the food they eat.

Full Podcast:

“Food isn’t fuel that you eat on the run, nor is it stuff which comes in pre-packaged boxes. Food is what ends up making the cells of your body. What you eat and how you eat it are fundamental to the well-being of your life and the life of this planet. Changing these is simple when you know how and understand why this matters deeply to you.” Lyndon Gee

If your first response is “I don’t have time for slow food” then this is one for you. We will be looking at how to improve your health and well-being through what and how you eat, debunking a lot of the myths that have grown up around the health food industry about what health is and what is healthy food and getting the enjoyment into eating, food and meals. Contrary to popular belief healthy slow food tastes delicious and when it’s that good you enjoy it, and that makes your mood improve too.

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