Marriage Insights From A Divorce Lawyer

A Commitment To Marry Is A Commitment To Grow Together Through Life Even If It Involves Divorce

Holly Fulton gets to see the raw end of many marriages as a top Florida-based divorce lawyer. She’s seen first hand how to maintain a happy and healthy marriage, how to spot the warning signs that things aren’t on track, and how to behave gracefully for the best of all concerned when it’s time to call it quits.

Holly’s Website:

“When people get married they think it’ll be forever. Statistically it’s not: over two thirds of second marriages end in divorce in the US. Divorce is not just about the couple but about a family and how to maintain healthy relationships through challenging times of a marriage and afterwards.” Holly Fulton

Come and consider marriage, relationships and divorce and how we can sustain ourselves through them. Marriage is about living for each other not at each other so how can we make that work in practice and, if it does come to an end, how can we use collaborative law to maintain dignity and create a new paradigm in which all the parties involved, especially children, can flourish.

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