Beauty In Your Hands

Beauty Is Created From Within When We Love What We Do And Our Life

Linda Bloomfield is a potter who makes and sells the most beautiful porcelain tableware. She has fused Oriental influences and the Western tradion of pottery to create items which are not only aesthetically pleasing to both the oriental and western eye but are also functional and a joy to use daily. Her love for her craft sings through her work and brings joy not just to her as she makes it but to all who subsequently have the pleasure to use it.

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“I am committed to making beautiful things for every day use. I love my work as a potter, it’s what I am, it’s who I am, and being a potter is what I always wanted to be, and therefore I enoy it. And when I enjoy it that’s when the most beautiful pots are made, and the ones which sell the most….” Linda Bloomfield

Consider how to enjoy, value and experience beauty, not just in pottery but in all your life. Linda successfully merges her own work and her passion for it with the domesticity of caring for her three children and husband. Her happiness in living and enjoying pottery is delightful, inspiring and also thought provoking. She wanted to be a potter when she was a child, but that’s not what she ended up doing when she left school and went to University. It was only when her children were born that she embraced the change to be what she had always dreamt of being, a potter.

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