The Joy of Tea with Roy Fong

Tea is More Than Just A Cuppa; It Is An Experience of Love and Life Infused with Subtle Education, Inspiration and Artistry

Roy Fong, based in San Francisco, founded Imperial Tea Court, the premier destination for anyone serious about a Cup of Tea. He is too modest to call himself a Master of Chinese Tea, but that he is, living and loving its subtle education, inspiration and artistry.

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“Tea is not only how I make a living, Tea is how I live! I am very fortunate that I’ve found something which motivates and fulfills me beyond my wildest dreams. The rewards to me, are far beyond just financial benefits, it is the continue fulfillment of a dream come true.

One of the great things about tea is that there is a level of tea for everyone, whether it’s a quick cup or a highly spiritual experience with different philosophical reasons, there is more to tea than what the eye can see, this is what I love and I have the good fortune to continue living my dream life…” Roy Fong

Listen as we explore all aspects of Tea, from the respect and reverence we can give it to how to make a good cup of Tea. Roy will share with us his widsom and experience of both the purely practical and the deeply spiritual aspects of Tea and welcome us into a world of mystery and mastery so that you will never look at Tea the same way again. Roy’s infused his whole life and business with his love of Tea so that, in the deepest sense of the word, he serves Tea.

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