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Horizontal Teamwork and Open Communication Allow Boundaries To Stretch

Guruka Singh is the founder and CEO of, the premiere Sikh Web site which is based on a highly successful new business model of horizontal teamwork and open communication. Its far-reaching and far-thinking approach is a model for the future.

More about Guruka:

“Sikhnet is a labour of love, pure love. It is not just the small team in New Mexico who handle it on a day to day basis, but all those thousands of people around the world who send us their stories. I’ve always been at the cutting edge of technology (my nickname was Dr Hi-Fi so that dates me a bit!) and I love how Sikhnet embraces it to bring people uplifting news, educational material and creates a buzz of fun in life….” Guruka Singh

Learn how Sikhnet was founded, expanded and includes Sikhs, and non-Sikhs, of all ages from all the globe. It has a very special approach to seeking funding, gives almost everything away for free, and is a most inspirational and educational web site at the cutting edge of Web 2.0 technology. Guruka’s open and warm heart permeates through the whole business while his tech-savvy approach allows the boundaries of possibilities to stretch ever further. This Teleseminar will undoubtedly get you thinking about how you can change the world through your work, how you can evolve an inclusive business based on the principles of sharing and inspiring, with no confrontation. Just to give you a small taste: one of the tenets of the Sikhnet team is “if you have to ask permission then you’ve destroyed the idea”. Get ready to have your business cob-webs blown away.

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