Enlightened Business

Elevating Sculptures To Create Changes of Personal Consciousness and the Expansion of Awareness

Business and art are just the foundation for this truly inspiring with Sevak Singh Khalsa, a Phoenix-based glass, metal and mixed media artist with an astute sense of business and wise perspective on life. Don’t miss the top tips for aspiring artists about 2/3 of the way through.

Full Podcast:
Sevak’s Art:

Sevak’s Yoga and Meditation Resources: http://www.theelevationinstitute.com/

Learn how our attitude to our work affects our health and happiness, how our work influences both us and our relationships, and society as a whole. We will also look at the role of businesses in supporting the community, how employment builds self-esteem, and how powerful businesses are in leading us in a postive direction. Sevak’s art work embodies these attitudes and we’ll be looking at the relationship between art, artists, businesses, and communities.

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