Living Divinely

Observe and Preserve Spiritual Simplicity Through Uncluttered, Straightforward and Timeless Images of Experience

Nick Fleming has spent the last 10 years photographing the daily lives of spiritual communiites, principally in Northern India. He’s integrated into them so that he becomes seen but not noticed, thus given him unique access, insights and experience. Nick photographs people in their glory and places in their majesty, in stark contrast to most photo-journalism we are exposed to today.

More about Nick:

“Of all the photographic projects I have worked on it is the ‘Living Divinely’ series that comes closest to reflecting my photographic philosophy. Although, it remains a work in progress it is intended in a universal sense to educate, inspire and uplift the onlooker. It is an attempt in a small way to help counter-balance the avalanche of negativity which emanates from Asia and particularly India.
These images are drawn from a world that we are vaguely aware of but actually do not know much about; it is an arcane world both sensitive and private in which the subjects are truly conscious of not only themselves but the environment in which they have entered. The spiritual simplicity of their lives is manifest and I have tried to distill this quality in pictures that are largely uncluttered, straightforward and timeless.” Nick Fleming

Learn how Nick is able to integrate into the communities he photographs, how the experiences have changed his own outlook on life, how to develop the ability to observe and find one image which speaks of the whole experience, and what the lessons are that we can all learn from Spiritual Communities to enrich our own daily lives.

Full Podcast:

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