The Conscious Whey

From Whey to Cheese: Ask Questions To Drive Quality, Educate The Customer, Safeguard a Tradition by Allowing It To Happen

Randolph Hodgson is the owner of the award winning Neal’s Yard Dairy, champion of British Farmhouse Cheeses, and one of the pioneers in rejuvenating Borough Market. For almost 30 years Randolph has been at the forefront of changing how we appreciate the way our food is made and sold, and producing a culture of excellence by involving both the customer and the producer. He leads the way with his passion for quality, his dedication to raising the whole calibre of the food chain not only in the taste, but also in our responsibility for our agriculture and countryside, and his outstanding and inclusive approach to retailing.

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Come and listen to how the culture which started Neal’s Yard Dairy, almost 30 years ago, has matured to create a thriving business whose influence spreads way beyond that of cheese retailing. Randolph’s passion for excellence and involving both the producer and the consumer has changed the face of British farming and played a significant part in promoting British Farmhouse Cheeses around the world. Randolph’s delight in educating his customers and making them feel comfortable in trying out new tastes and experiences will touch you too as we explore what makes a good cheese good and how best to enjoy cheese. Randolph shares some of his renowned stories of working with Farmhouse Cheese Makers and the pitfalls and joys along the way from whey to aged cheese in their stores and on your plate.

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