Bringing Out the Best in All

Self-Discipline is Learned and Built with Confidence, Guidance, Recognition and Boundaries

Jonny Gritt, fomer British Army Officer, works with Skill Force in raising the standards of achievement amongst youngsters often incorrectly labelled as “problem children”. Sharing his passion for life, self-discipline and inner strength he guides us to look at what we have inside us and how we can best serve our community for the well-being of all.

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What does our younger generation need to succeed in life?  Often it’s not material things, but rather guidance, recognition and boundaries. We look at how to correct for this when it’s not been given, where the system has gone wrong that it is currently failing 50% of children leaving school, what our responsiblity is both as parents and as a society for the well-being of our youth,what the true cost is of truancy, and the benefit of investing consciously.

Discipline is often thought of something meted out by those in positions of authority; this is about building self-discipline powerfully. But that use of force rarely delivers the recipient to build his own self-discipline. We’re also going to see how team-building is crucial for getting children to focus outside themselves and on something greater than each individual can achieve. Skill Force has achieved great success, including a young British Olympic Silver Medal Swimmer who credits Skill Force with developing her confidence and self-discipline to achieve her dream.

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