Building Wonderful Foundations

Buildings In Harmony With Their Surroundings Create Harmony In Those Who Live and Work In Them

Sandi Rhys-Jones OBE is a passionate advocate for the construction and engineering industry, in particular the role of women therein, and feminine ones at that. With over thirty years experience in strategic marketing and management in the consultancy she co-founded with her husband, she brings a most common sense approach to what we all need to found our own lives on.

More about Sandi:

It’s time to consider how building strong foundations is vital for our well-being, what the impact on us is of the buildings which we spend time around, and how we can learn from great buildings to withstand the test of time. Sandi’s dynamic feminine approach, her sense of wonder and down to earth common sense is a great inspiration to me. As a mother of 3 boys and having worked very successfully with her husband for over 30 years she has so much wisdom, founded on practical experience, on how to enjoy life without compromise.


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