The Revolutionary Cycle with Andrew Ritchie

Unfolding An Evoltuionary Idea: When You Carry Your Own Transport You Can Peddle Your Own Life

Brompton Bicycles are the iconic folding bicycle which have revolutionised transport options for tens of thousands worldwide.  Its inventor Andrew Ritchie has given us a personal transport solution, allowing us to rethink, vary and adapt our journeys so we are free and independent – we can choose where to go, when and how.

Brompton Bicycles Website:

Andrew Ritchie invented not only the best folding bike available but also created new way of thinking about how we move around in our world. Just like his bicycle, he has journeyed through ups and downs to see his brainchild mature into a thriving award winning business, finding support from family and friends when the financial environment was hostile and unreceptive. He is inventive, interesting and inspiring standing for personal freedom, independence and enjoyment. Brompton is a private company allowing it to focus on the product without having to please external investors. Each year Brompton hosts its very own Brompton World Championships at Blenheim Palace, bringing together the global Brompton family in the spirit of its iconic mode of transport.


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