Living Outside the Box

The Value of Skills Learned in Your Career In Filling The Second Half of Your Life Creatively Making Something Which Will Outlast You

Far from his retirement marking the end of his career, Craig Young began making paint boxes on special request for several top artists. He now uses the skills acquired over a lifetime to handcraft a beautiful bespoke product which has an ever growing wainting list. Hear his story about the simplicity of success when all the pieces fit together.

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Craig Young makes watercolour paint boxes to order, with a long waiting list, mainly for professional artists from all round the world who value his craftsmanship as a vital part of their own creative process. Far from seeing retirement as the end of his carefully acquired career skills, he now uses them to great effect. Craig has single-handedly revived a highly niche market based on his craftsmanship, dedication and enjoyment.


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    Isabelle said...

    I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Craig Young and his special brass paintbox. I am waiting to receive my paintbox which I ordered last Ocotober. I should receive it shortly. I also feel that it will give me the freedom to paint beautiful loose watercolour paintings. I will use it at a four day workshop which will be taught by a wonderful artist named, Alvaro Castagnet.
    I would love to know where I could find images of some of Craig”s watercolours. Also, I loved the short meditation at the beginning of the podcast. Thank you,

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