Bags of Awareness

Why You Need to Care About Packaging and What You Can Do to Protect Endangered Speicies and Support Local Co-operatives

FACT: There are some areas of the Pacific were there is more plastic than plankton. Horrified by the implications of this on the health of marine and land creatures alike, Beth Williams quit working as an Ecologist and founded Turtle Bags, which creates inexpensive reusable string bags as an alternative to plastic ones. Hear her story…


Beth Williams started Turtle Bags when she realised how plastic bags were killing turtles because they think of them as food. She has built up both a thriving business and also raised our awareness about the impact of plastic bags on our environment and the animals who live within it.

This is about becoming eco-aware, being responsible about packaging, why the well-being of endangered species matters to us, and how toxic materials enter the food chain. Turtle Bags are made in a Bangladeshi co-operative.

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